Rethinking Learning for the 21st century

The mission of Cohort 21 is to build a community of passionate CIS Ontario educators who are interested in refining and redesigning their practice through the exploration of new pedagogies, ideas, and tools.

Your First Step

Registration for Cohort 21 opens in May. CIS Ontario Schools can submit educators from any division, department or role. The Cohort 21 experience runs from October to April. It is made up of four face to face sessions inter-connected by rich online discussion and supported by our passionate team of volunteer facilitators and coaches.

May - June

Building Community

The first face-to-face session is dedicated to building relationships. It is here that we setup the framework and mindset for the year. This session is also about professional learning networks and the tools that enable them. Participants walk away with a new toolkit and community with whom to connect, collaborate and learn.


Design Thinking

It is during the 2nd session that the “Action Plan” is launched and innovation begins. Through rich Design Thinking protocols participants are asked to think deeply about their practice and identify a challenge that needs addressing. The day concludes when everyone publishes their thinking to their Cohort 21 blog to allow for personalized feedback and support.



Each year the third face-to-face session is focused on innovation. Cohort 21 has formed unique partnerships with many different start-ups and learning organizations. Throughout the day, members will hear from special guests, thought leaders and Cohort 21 alumni to help ignite inspiration and continue to support the Action Plan process.


The End of the Beginning

The final face-to-face session is a celebration of learning. Cohort members connect in small groups to share and reflect on their Action Plan journeys and commit to bringing their learning back to their own schools. The day ends just as the Cohort 21 experience began: with a commitment to the ongoing process of refining practice and exploring new pedagogies and tools.


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Bool Review: Hope Matters (Eline Kelsey)

Published 7/7/2024 in Garth Nichols
I had the privilege of listening to Elin Kelsey speak at the Global Education Benchmarking Group (GEBG) this past April. I had come across the...
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Book Review: Brave New Words (Sal Khan)

Published 6/25/2024 in Garth Nichols
""I no longer accept anything that is not perfectly written at this stage. Why Bother?" Like Mollock, Fuentes and Hick, Educators are finding that these...
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Chipping Away at Change

Published 5/16/2024 in Jon Campbell
I wasn't sure what to expect when coming to Cohort 21 in the Fall. I knew I wanted to continue developing some of the Pluralism...
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Embracing AI in Education: My Journey with Cohort 21

Published 5/3/2024 in Karen Kozma
As I embarked on Cohort 21 in the autumn, I was tasked by my school to delve into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) and...
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Final Blog Post - Sharing my learning

Published 5/3/2024 in Amy Fuller
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The End of the Beginning...

Published 5/3/2024 in Chelsea Larock
1. What question guided your inquiry and action plan? (HMW?) How might we build student capacity for empathy through writers’ workshops?   2. What did you do and...
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The journey continues...

Published 5/3/2024 in Stacy Sargeant
My goal was to leverage AI technology within our Learning Management System, Edsby, to streamline feedback analysis and data extraction for optimizing teaching and learning...
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Organizing and Implementing Professional Development for HMW

Published 5/3/2024 in Courtney Pickering
After 2 years of planning, emailing, getting approvals, and finding aligning schedules, April 22nd was a fantastic day of learning at SMLS. What could only...
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Final Blog Post

Published 5/2/2024 in Rebecca Philp
As I embarked on my journey with Cohort 21, I believed that I wanted to focus on making more time for authentic opportunities for observation/conversation...
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Sharing My Learning - Final Post

Published 5/2/2024 in Denise Simpson
Click here for my slide deck! 
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Action Plan Final Post

Published 5/1/2024 in Ismete Qatipi
Name: Ismete Qatipi I am glad I found and I was able to attend Cohort21. I hope I will come back again to learn more from...
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Ignite Spark

Published 5/1/2024 in Bob Hayes
The best year of my life. My connection to my wife, my kids, friends, colleagues, students, our community, and strangers on the street has...
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Season 12 Action Plan Final Post

Published 5/1/2024 in Kiloran Fensom
Who am I? Kiloran Fensom Senior Kindergarten Teacher The Sterling Hall School   Action Plan Question: How might we develop successful Senior Kindergarten communicators who effectively use multiple modalities to communicate...
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Integrating Projects to Build a Stronger Community of Learners

Published 4/30/2024 in Kerrie Robins
Wow, it's hard to believe we are almost at the end of the year! And yet, I feel like it's no where near the end...
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Developing Respect and Resilience for Financially Literacy

Published 4/29/2024 in Gareth Jones
Cohort 21 - Season 12 “Sharing your learning”    Guiding Question for Inquiry and Action Plan How might we develop financially literate students who gain a new respect for   and resilience...
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Sharing My Learning

Published 4/29/2024 in JENN JIANG
JJiangCohort 21 - Season 10 - Action & Engagement Story
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How Might We...

Published 4/29/2024 in Diana Quatrale
How Might We Create More Opportunities for Kindergarten Students Engage in Class? This school year, my primary focus has been to increase student engagement in class....
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Sharing My Learning - Final Post

Published 4/28/2024 in Savannah Barker
1) What question guided your inquiry and action plan? (HMW?)  How might we design a health program using a lens of positive masculinity to promote equity...
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Almost done the first lap....

Published 4/27/2024 in Amy Foley
The last F2F session of Cohort 21 is around the corner! I've taken some time to reflect on my action plan, and to consider likely...
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Values Exercise

Published 4/26/2024 in Jeff Adams
Last night, C21 coaches we were taken through a Values Exercise with Garth Nichols (@gnichols) and Graham Vogt (@gvogt): “You are the average of the 5...
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