Reinventing the Rubrics in Primary Art

A recent goal in our Curriculum Meetings has been unit planning and creating rubrics within these units. It’s been a learning journey to be able to reflect on how important it is to create a rubric with specific expectations in Art in order to set up our students for success.

What I love is being able to get perspective from our Director of Innovations as well as my teaching partner who taught primary art for over 20 years. I think that combining the creative process, project based learning with the rubrics is helping me learn how to become a better educator in Visual Arts as well. In this rubric I built for the Grade 3 Colour and Emotion Unit, I was able to get feedback which challenged me to improve and refine the rubric.

I think in my second year as the Primary Visual Arts teacher,  I have only BEGUN to find a few routines that are in place. As I navigate the rest of the year, I hope to take more time to reflect on my practice to inform my teaching – even in the midst of back-acheing, tiring yet rewarding days as a primary art teacher.

Anyone have any resources for creating rubrics as an art teacher? I’ve attached the rubric below and am open for feedback!


Grade 3- KICA Rubric – Colour

One thought on “Reinventing the Rubrics in Primary Art

  1. Hi Jennifer, this looks great so far! And oh man does the teacher in me love rubrics. I think this is a great start too.
    My main feedback is for the thinking section, specifically where you talk about the creative process. I wonder if it might be interesting to also include how the student might revise or reflect on their work to demonstrate their process? It could also tie in to your communication section if needed.
    I hope this helps and I’m excited to talk about it more at the next face to face!

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