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This year, in my role as MYP coordinator, I’ve been considering how to support our teachers in developing greater confidence in the MYP. Here is what I’ve landed on: 

HMW engage faculty in meaningful in-house professional development to learn more about the MYP, teach through inquiry, and collaborate authentically. 

The reason behind my HMW is that we have many new faculty, or faculty who are new to the IB. Sometimes, it’s hard to send individuals to workshops, but at the same time, I want our new faculty to feel confident with the IB programme. I’ve worked with several colleagues on a series of 5 MYP 101 sessions to model collaboration, but I wonder if this is the best way to facilitate PD. When delivering these sessions, I still feel like the work needs to be more job-embedded rather than theoretical. 

Today’s cohort session really helped me to understand the “why” and identify the challenges. 

I’m incredibly passionate about the IB, especially teaching through inquiry, and I believe that strong collaboration only makes us better teachers. Some of the challenges that I’m facing is ensuring that the sessions are responsive to the needs of our faculty and that they add value. I’m also thinking about how to measure the efficacy/impact of the sessions and what I can improve upon for next year.  

Here are a few links to the  

MYP Learning Session 1 – MYP Overview

MYP Learning Session 2 – Inquiry

MYP Learning Session 3 – Approaches to Learning

The next two topics I will be developing are assessment and reflection. If you have any good ideas, please reach out! 

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