Action Plans

“What is the Cohort 21 Action Plan?”

The Cohort 21 Action Plan is the term given to help formulate, focus and facilitate each member’s exploration of teaching and learning in the 21st Century. The topic of the Cohort 21 Action Plan is devised by the member and has direct connections their own professional interest and to the mission statement of their member school.

To collaborate, contribute and critically think about their topic, throughout the year, the members will use:

2) Twitter 

At our final face to face session, each member presents their Action Plan in a manner they select, and to other interested members that they have collaborated with throughout the year. It is a format that is focused on the learning in an informal, and supportive structure. The main difference between this Action Plan and action research is that in Cohort 21, members do not necessarily have to arrive at formalized, measurable conclusions; rather, they share their goal, challenges and learning that they have experienced along the way, and where they will take their professional growth next.

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