Monthly Archives: March 2020

As we are heading towards March break I wanted to write this to post as a reminder to myself and my Cohort 21 teammates. I was updating my planner and looking at the time left in the year and I don't know about you, but I am preparing myself for Spring Term whiplash.

With that in mind I want to remind everyone how great a job you've done and how much I've enjoyed reading your posts and learning from you.

Now comes one of the hard parts. I need to remind myself to keep staying out of my comfort zone pedagogically. As we start careening towards June it's important to keep using the new tools and skills I have learnt this year and not reverting back to my old habits and comfort zone. Just because I feel rushed and stressed to get all this content done before the end of the year doesn't mean I can't keep doing rich and engaging activities and assessment. Yes it may be easy to go back to old habits but something being easier has never been a good reason.

To that end I am writing this post. I will hold myself accountable and keep pushing myself. I am so excited for our final F2F where I can get re-energized talking about curriculum and assessment practices.

In the meantime however, I will breathe. I will take a step back. I will remind myself that I can do this and do it well in a tight time frame.

If you are reading this and feeling the same then I hope you come see me at our F2F so we can motivate each other and cheer each other on. Keep it up everyone. We got this!