Reflections on the final F2F

As we sit here and reflect on our journey through the year. I am continuously grateful for the opportunities I have been given with Cohort 21 to meet, discuss and learn from other educators who approach the field with such passion.

To finish up the year I would like to use some of the question prompts to reflect on my HMW question.

How might we design a learning skills and work habits assessment around failure and resiliency?

What was the “Why?” behind your action?. What motivated you to engage in this action? Paint a picture for us here.

My HMW is the culmination of years of work with Cohort 21 in which I initially wanted to encourage my students to make more mistakes in math. This has grown to focus more on opportunities for failing and learning.

In my mind, resiliency has just as much importance to me as other learning skills and work habits such as collaboration and independent work.

I have slowly been incorporating this into assessment and have seen such wonderful results from my students in both their engagement and confidence that I feel it’s imperative to put more of a focus on it and create more opportunities to discuss it as a life skill and help my students grow.

As mentioned in my last post I do have a long term plan to try and make this happen. I am so excited to dive in to this and see what comes out of it.

Thank you again for such a great year!