Holding Myself Accountable

As we move forward into another great year of Cohort 21 I have been really enjoying looking at all these fantastic posts about their Urgent vs. Important. I found it important for me to consider what I find Urgent or Important this year as well. As I am off on parental leave this year I don’t have as many urgent things as a lot of you do in the classroom. I

know the feeling of juggling a million things and trying to sort out what can wait and what must be done. That being said I have some goals I want to work towards this year that I want to put out there to hold myself accountable.

My first goal is to do more work on applicable coding. I find that a lot of material currently out there is great but much more ‘gamified’ and not actual coding. I understand that a lot of that is to do with teachers not being programmers but I would love to do more work on finding approachable and usable lessons on coding language such as python, html and css.

My second goal is to continue my work on learning more about resilience, failing and helping students be more comfortable with making mistakes. To that end I am reading ‘The Right Kind of Wrong – The Science of Failing Well’ by Amy Edmonson. She is a psychologist who has focused on research on how to create group dynamics where making mistakes is encouraged and responded to positively. I am really excited to learn from this book and share with you all!

I look forward to seeing you all at our second F2F!


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  1. @rgarand thanks for sharing about this book. I have been interested in learning about the benefits of failing for a while! Jo Boaler has some good research on failing as well. I’m wondering what we can do to model failing well as teachers. Maybe a failure- themed assembly? @ljensen

  2. @rgarand @tjagdeo, I love this so much! How much fun could we have planning a failure themed assembly!? Surely part of modelling failure as educators is shedding our inhibitions and fear of failure. Making bolder leaps and taking bigger chances. For me, this may mean identifying the shackles that are perceived (and not actually real) and busting free!

    I can’t wait for a full review of ‘The Right Kind of Wrong’ 😉

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