Reflections on the final F2F

As we sit here and reflect on our journey through the year. I am continuously grateful for the opportunities I have been given with Cohort 21 to meet, discuss and learn from other educators who approach the field with such passion. To finish up the year I would like to use some of the question […]

Wait, what? Where did the year go?

As I’m sitting here working with @lbettencourt over zoom all i can think of is the 8 million things I need to do currently, from checking student process journals to prepping home demos for science lessons. While I’m doing this, an itching in the back of my mind is constantly saying ‘what about the blog?…. […]

Keep It Simple Stupid

So it’s been quite a while since I posted, and as I had stated before my goal this year was to find ways to keep STEM in the classroom as hands on and messy as possible while learning in this new environment. This December I was fortunate enough to be sent to the ISTE conference […]

Spooky Video Game Design!

Welcome back to Messy STEM! This week I will be continuing my coding theme and focusing on designing video games. The software I use for this is called Gamemaker Studio 2. Let me start by saying this is an authentic software. It has been used to create a wide variety of popular video games including […]