This year, I’ve been thinking about what my students really learn in class. I’m teaching a whole lot, but what are they learning? When I think about I’d fight to teach, is that the knowledge my students are truly walking away with ? What feedback are they remembering from one learning experience to another? How might I help them along this path?

To that end, I’ve tried a new strategy for student reflection inspired by an episode of the podcast Teaching Tomorrow: How to help students actually learn from your feedback and by our school’s own work with the Common Ground Collaborative.

I created a chart that we revisit in class after every project or unit: Reflection Google Doc.

We’ve been using it in Grade 7 and 8 French since late November, and here are some examples of the student reflections so far.

Grade 7

Grade 8 


The quality of student reflections certainly varies (I’ve chosen some stronger ones here), but I’m hopeful that with practice and time, students will build their capacity to articulate their learning and growth. Overall, I have loved reading their reflections, and it has helped me see from a student perspective, what has been the focus of their learning.

As an added experiment, I used these reflections during parent-teacher interviews last week, and the parents were very positive about this exercise!

What’s next? I’m not sure yet. Suggestions welcome.