Still Learning…

I’m confident that not a single person would argue with me when I say that this year has been a year unlike any other. While I began this school year with a lot of personal goals for myself and my teaching practice, I’ve found my focus and my mindset consistently shifting as I’ve had to […]

Mathematician Mondays

“As a group of primarily math teachers, what challenges do you feel you face addressing  J.E.D.I in your practice and classes?” First of all, kudos to @tfaucher for asking the perfect question during Saturday’s Cohort meeting. I think that as math teachers, this is probably something we’ve all been struggling with. Sometimes it feels like […]

2021: Brace Yourself

Do you ever stop to think about how you ended up where you are now? What drew you to teaching as a career? For me, the main draw to teaching is relationships. I’m a firm believer that significant learning is far more likely to occur with significant relationships, and I like to think this comes […]