Re-inventing teaching & learning – what is going well

c21_logo_mediumWelcome to your Cohort 21 Blog. This journal is an integral part of your Cohort 21 experience. Here you will reflect, share and connect with the C21 community as you move through our inquiry process.  This is your first post and an opportunity to practice publishing your thinking to our main site and get feedback on it. It is also an opportunity to learn about WordPress (this blogging platform) and watch some videos to learn about how to add media and content to your posts.  See “Helpful WordPress Video Tutorials” on the sidebar for more.

First post prompt: What is going well?
As teachers during this time we are well aware of what is challenging. Learners in multiple locations, learning new tools, under new time constraints , with new duties, rules, PPE and shifting parent & school expectations is no small feat. Adding to that the anxiety of living and supporting friends & family during a pandemic can leave even the most positive person deflated. But…try we must. It will be through the simple act of sharing “what is working” that we collectively bring each other up and rise to the challenge that surrounds us.

Please share a practice, pedagogy, tool or strategy that is having a positive learning impact for you and your students. Share links to resources, tools and ideas that have been helpful for you. In your post describe the lesson, approach, strategy or experience so that someone reading your post might feel inspired to try it too. Simply put….share what is working in your classroom in such a way that  it might inspire someone to try it too. Close your post with a question you have or an idea you would like support with that is connected to the post. How can we help you take this idea further?

First post guide:

  1. Change the subject text to reflect the context / focus of your post
  2. Write as little or as much as you want. Your audience is other teachers like you so write with them in mind, provide detail, context and as much “Why” & “How” as you can.
  3. Insert media, links, pictures to support this post as a “teacher resource”
  4. Make sure you add a “Featured Image” in order to publish your post to main site. Scroll down – bottom right of this page.
  5. When inserting media, links, pictures etc from other sources don’t forget to give attribution and link back to the original owner/source.
  6. Press UPDATE to publish the post
  7. ***Delete all the text above and replace it with your own after you have finished answering the prompt ***
  8. Publish your first post by Nov 15th so we can give you feedback on it and share it with others.


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