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Building Confidence

When I was brainstorming my first HMW question a few years ago, one of my biggest frustrations was with hearing students constantly say “I can’t speak French”. Or even worse… “I don’t speak French so I don’t know how to do this”. Since my first year of teaching I have been working to build students’ second-language acquisition skills so that… Read more →

Connection: The Heart of School Life

This week, I have been considering the concept of connections. During a lovely little Google Hangout on Wednesday night with fellow coaches & facilitators, @gnichols said that our goal (as coaches) this Cohort21 season is to help the participants feel “inspired, supported and connected” when they leave each F2F. When I think about my favourite part about being an educator, my mind… Read more →

A Message From The Highwire

Do you ever feel like you are looking down at the world from the highwire? Tip-toeing across a tiny little wire, attempting to balance your professional and personal lives without coming crashing down on your family, friends, coworkers and students in a heaping pile of failure? I’m sure every teacher feels this way at least once during the school year.… Read more →

Creative Confidence…

I promise to no longer say that I am not creative. I promise to have creative confidence! Creating and innovating does not have to look a certain way, or be perfect whatsoever. It involves trying something new, asking questions and taking risks with the hope of learning something wonderful, which is exactly what I’ve been discovering through Cohort21! Going into… Read more →

A Brand New Ballgame

“You’re going to hate me”, my boyfriend texts as he sends me a photo of four tickets to the ALCS Game 2, knowing full well I am unable to make the roadtrip to Cleveland thanks to a more important commitment. But what could be better than experiencing live playoff baseball, you ask? Why, it was the first face-to-face Cohort21 session of… Read more →