ICT for Kids…and Teachers!

The website, ictf4kids.ca is an excellent resource for teachers looking to find explicit instruction in a bunch of different technologies that could be used affectingly in the class.

Especially if you use a smartboard.

Here is are 2 links to tips I have taken and used regularly

Smartboard highlighter:

Here is a 2 minute tip on how to use spotlight with a smartboard. http://ict4kids.ca/2012/11/12/two-minute-tech-tip-7/

Graphic organizers:

This is a link to learning how integrate graphic organizers into the class:


Popplet is a wonderful website that allows students to work on thought webs. In my teaching experience it is a great tool for cumulative projects that incorporate a lot of different information about a single point.  We have used it for the Grade 4 research project in Canadian studies.

The following picture is a cumulative popplet to a project on The Canadian Shield. The initial question was, “How does weather affect the culture of a region?”


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