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If you are working with a Smartboard in the class and you want your students to work on self monitoring their learning skills ( organization, initiative, time management etc…), then Class Dojo is an excellent place to go to.

They way it works is that as students monitor their own learning by completing tasks and adding points to their character on the smartboard when they are completed.

At first this activity works best as a teacher centred activity.

Teacher:  “Johnny, go give yourself a time management point.”

 Johnny proceeds to go up to the Smartboard.

As the class gets used to this. It can become more student directed.

Teaacher: “If you use your success criteria to organize the Medieval Studies topical map correctly,  go up to the DOJO and give your self a time management point upon completion.”

Come report card time this can be a valuable resource.

I would like to share a link about this, but I do not have all the permissions I need yet. Stay tuned.


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2 Responses to Class Dojo

  1. Hi Jesse,

    Thanks for this post! I use the Smartboard, but with GoogleDocs, I have been doing less and less work with it as a classroom monitoring tool – thanks for bringing it back to my attention.

    In terms of blogging, I think you’ve set your own blog up well; however, I think that you could begin to leverage some tools, like “categories” and “tags” to your benefit. You can imagine that over time you’ll be adding more and more posts; categories and tags are useful ways to file and ultimately retrieve information based on specific topics that you’ve created. If you want more info on their use go here:

    Next steps for you would be to begin to read and comment on the posts of others – I would suggest Christine Gorman’s as she has written some good posts about how students understand technology:

    thanks and happy blogging!

  2. Jesse!

    I love this little website. Too cute. I don’t think my grade 10s would buy into it but I passed it along to the junior school teachers at my school and they love it. It is so nice to have the students not only get out of their seats but to actively use the smartboard themselves.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

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