Taking it back home to SAC

Last week I had the opportunity to present my Cohort 21 experience back to my St. Andrew’s College colleagues. Over the year I’ve had many informal conversations, but I know that there were plenty of teachers who were still unsure what Cohort 21 was really all about. It was fun to integrate some of the […]


Before the March Break, I had my students complete their project on World War 2. In partners, students were assigned an important event from the war. They had to examine the event, answer critical thinking questions, and then present their findings. As an added element this year, I also assigned a short video, more as […]

Face 2 Face #3

Another overwhelming day with Cohort 21! So many cool new things to think about and to try. In an attempt to be efficient with my time, (nap time is only so long) here we go! Action plan: Redefine my Grade 10 (Extended French) Canadian History final research essay into a multimedia presentation. Students would create […]

Social Media Fitness

On Tuesday, my school had the pleasure of having guest speaker Chris Vollum speak to the students about social media awareness. His message was important for all of us as more and more (and more!) of our lives are shared online. As teachers we need to remind ourselves that in using technology in our classrooms, […]

What to do?

Yesterday my fellow Cohor21-ers and I met again for our second Face 2 Face meeting. Motivated by this upcoming meeting, I spent a few evenings last week catching up a bit on what had been going on; reading blogs, checking Twitter more frequently and watching some of the Hangouts. After a few crazy weeks of […]

Cohort 21 – Day 1

What an inspiring day! So excited to be part of this group. The teachers I have met today are keen, motivated and enthusiastic not only about student learning, but their own professional learning and becoming better educators in the 21st century. I can’t wait to start using my social media, my Google Apps to connect […]