What an inspiring day! So excited to be part of this group. The teachers I have met today are keen, motivated and enthusiastic not only about student learning, but their own professional learning and becoming better educators in the 21st century.

I can’t wait to start using my social media, my Google Apps to connect with Cohort 21 and teachers around the world. The collaborative excitement is in the air!

Some things I would like to try in my classes are:


  • In my Canadian History class to build a research database


  • Exit Ticket to gage student understanding and to ask questions

Twitter in the classroom???

  • Still feeling a bit overwhelmed by this one as to how to use it as an educational tool… we’ll have to see!


Some things I would like to try for myself as professional development are:


  • Building a PLN
  • Doing professional reading


  • Joining/creating a PLN
  • Connecting with other Cohort 21 members

Any tips or feedback?


2 thoughts on “Cohort 21 – Day 1

  1. Hi Carolyn,
    Thanks for this great post. I’m thrilled that your first experience with Cohort 21 was a positive one. It looks like you’ve set some good goals for yourself as well – these tools can be very powerful indeed.

    In terms of tips, I suggest trying one tool in one class, and one tool in another class. This way the students aren’t overwhelmed with digitial tools, and can focus and use one tool really well.

    I look foward to hearing how it goes with these tools on your next blog post. When you write a post, be sure to use TAGS and CATEGORIES because these will help you further down the road when you, and your readers, want to look through the topics that you’ve written on, etc…


  2. I am totally using Diigo for building a professional reading library (and meeting likeminded folks!) and I can’t wait to start really building my professional learning network with the Cohort 21-ers and teachers everywhere!

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