Another overwhelming day with Cohort 21! So many cool new things to think about and to try.

In an attempt to be efficient with my time, (nap time is only so long) here we go!

Action plan: Redefine my Grade 10 (Extended French) Canadian History final research essay into a multimedia presentation. Students would create a digital story/essay with pictures, images, primary sources and a voice over instead of writing an essay.


What are my immediate next steps?

I had a great conversation with Mike and Tim yesterday and they had some fantastic suggestions for programs to use to modify my assignment and to even possibly change my original plan.  I need to decide which program I want the students to use to create their movie/digital essay. Tim and Mike had an idea to add a blogging element to help provide assessment for learning and to check off the written component that my department head has asked me to include.

I would like to continue reading about the SAMR model. My goal is to redefine the task, so and I want to ensure I have a complete understanding of what that means.

Also, I am going to begin scaffolding the major assignment by adding a multimedia element to my next unit assignment.


When will I publish next?

As per our school academic calendar, I need to present the assignment outline to my students before February 14th.  The bulk of the student work will be done in class, after March break.

I will blog again once I have had a chance to revamp the assignment, so probably around Feb 14.


How will I present my findings/exploration?

Because I am asking my student to create a movie, it is my goal to create a movie to present my findings.


Lots of work to do in the next few weeks and months, but I’m sure it will all pay off!

3 thoughts on “Face 2 Face #3

  1. HI Carolyn,
    this is an exciting turn of events for both you and your students! I like that you’re looking at this through the SAMR model to ensure that it’s not just technology for technology’s sake. One thing to consider is to look at the Historical Inquiry Skills of the CHC2D curriculum and look to see if you can get the presentation element to fulfill these requirements.

    At Greenwood, we’ve done quite a few of these style of approaches. I suggest that you start scouring the twitter-verse to see what’s out there, while avoiding the good, but rudimentary ‘radio show’. If this is a final (culminating) assessment of learning, a good place to start is with a GRASP approach: and could help your planning.

    If you’d like, I am happy to share what I’ve been doing with GRASP to give students a balance of structure and creativity.

    Great to see you and work with you at MaRS!

  2. Hi Carolyn,
    It looks like you are jumping into the fray and exploring a challenging but innovative assessment plan for your students. My question is, are you sharing this action plan with others in your department and/or others at your school? All of the fantastic exchange of ideas amongst the Cohort members provides such an opportunity to learn and grow. Anything you can do to extend this professional growth and share with others would make the experience that much more valuable.
    Good luck with it!

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