Growth is always happening

[youtube][/youtube] It’s hard to believe that another year of Cohort has come to a close…but I’m not even close to being done my journey of growth. That’s the thing about growth; it is always just there. I tried to make my summary of learning a touch shorter, but I just had too much to say and […]

The first few steps towards awesome: teachers showing their growth mindsets

[youtube][/youtube] Amidst my journey of trying inspire my students to get closer to having a growth mindset, it actually didn’t even occur to me that it is also valuable to help inspire my fellow teachers to join in on the growth mindset bandwagon. The last project tuning protocol on April 2nd, while it wasn’t geared […]

Blogfolio Next Steps

I had the opportunity to present at Sterling Hall’s “Character Education Unconference” this past Monday March 24th, sharing our journey so far with Blogfolios. If you ever have the chance to share something from your classroom with a group of educators: DO IT! Being able to just sort through this process in preparation was enough […]

The Three Rules of Reflection

I was “himming and hawwing” (spelling suggestions welcome on that one) on how my exploration of portfolios as a means of teaching growth mindsets really enhanced / pushed forward 21st century learning in my classroom and then reading this Mind/Shift article called “What Meaningful Reflection on Student Work Can do For Learning” by Larissa Pahomov helped me […]