82. Critical media literacy in action with Erin Oxland

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How might teachers respond when truth seems to be increasingly devalued in what young people read online? I am joined by Erin Oxland to discuss this question and many others along the way.

Erin Oxland is the First Vice President, Lead Negotiator, and Grievance Officer for the Kawartha Pine Ridge Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario. Prior to stepping into this fascinating role (which we totally get into, by the way), Erin was a middle school teacher in Port Hope Ontario. In her practice, she prioritized authentic, rich, and relevant learning experiences for her students, which included deeply investigating the intersections of fake news, media literacy, and journalism.

Whether you are interested in exploring one teacher’s experience with critical media literacy or hearing about her transition from the classroom to being an elected union official, this conversation has something for everyone.

Things Mentioned in This Show:

Kawartha Pine Ridge ETFO team

Erin on Twitter

Erin’s article on fighting fake news

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