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44. Competency based learning with Sara Tahir

When was the last time you learned something new and how long did it take you to understand that thing? Today...

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43. The impossible promise of online learning with Beyhan Farhadi

How might teachers use their powers of professional judgement as tools for change? Today I am joined by Dr Beyhan Farhadi...

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42. Evidence collection in the pandemic math classroom

How can math teachers most effectively collect learning evidence during this pandemic? Today we have a satellite round table with five...

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41. Educating your children at home with Carina Stone

How might parents best support their children’s learning when in virtual school at home? Today on the show I speak with...

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40. How to talk to students the day after a difficult event with Genny Lee

How can teachers best facilitate conversations the day after an emotionally charged world event. Today on the show, I am joined...

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39. Deep Diversity in education with Shakil Choudhury

How might teachers embed emotional literacy with diversity, equity, and inclusion learning? Today on the show I speak with the award-winning...

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S1: Featured Guests

Season One has welcomed several incredible voices to our podcast. Get excited for the upcoming episodes with these transformative thinkers in the edu-sphere.


Patti MacDonald

CAIS Executive Director

Rosetta Lee

Seattle Girls School Diversity Outreach Specialist
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Dr. Kathleen Gallagher

Drama and Education Researcher