In protest of the pendulum

After yesterday’s 3rd F2F session with the cohort crew (kind of sounds like a weird band name), I have been thinking more about “blended learning”. We were placed into groups based off our research interests and I was in a room with others, but only one other was curious about flipped learning. The others were […]

My next steps

What are my immediate next steps (who do I network with? what do I read/watch?) 1) Connect with others who are using the flipped classroom approach and ask them 10, 000 questions (by February 3rd).  2) Gain a better understanding of the interconnectivity between differentiated, individualized, and personalized learning and how this can relate to […]

So how did it go?

I was in my classroom far too late on a Wednesday evening. I called to cancel a yoga date with a friend, while staring at You Tube uploading screen, wondering why this was happening now: the first night my students could watch the comma videos, I realized the sound and pictures stopped syncing halfway through […]