What is the purpose of school?

For the Klingenstein Summer Institute, we had to write our philosophy of education statements before the two-week intensive began. What I wrote for the experience was fine and, I think, accurately captured some of my hopes and challenges as a teacher. But then I read the philosophy of a slightly older, much wiser teacher friend […]

Oh the connections…

One of the happy surprises from embarking on this research has been how my colleagues have started to reach out and share resources that relate to flipped instruction. One of my fellow teachers sent this article on to me and it has potentially sparked something magical! Another project for me this year has been launching […]

Flipped Speech Instruction

I have made another discovery about flipped learning. You can use flipped learning to increase the amount of “coaching time” in a classroom, however utilizing this approach also makes sense in a busy classroom with students coming and going in different frequencies and at different times. A flipped instructional approach allows students to learn when […]

In protest of the pendulum

After yesterday’s 3rd F2F session with the cohort crew (kind of sounds like a weird band name), I have been thinking more about “blended learning”. We were placed into groups based off our research interests and I was in a room with others, but only one other was curious about flipped learning. The others were […]