After learning and experimenting with flipped instruction over the last few months, these are some of my preliminary conclusions, advice, and thoughts about this instructional approach, as told through a Prezi at my classroom desk.




5 thoughts on “My (flipped) learning

  1. Hi Celeste,

    I really enjoyed your prezi and your practical approach to developing the flipped classroom. You outlined a clear step-by-step process that teachers can employ within their classrooms. You were also honest about the challenges and the responses of your students to the process. I liked how you detailed how one student indicated that this learning experience did not fit with his/her learning style. To have that dialogue with a student is essential in the assessment as/of learning component of teacher feedback and evaluation.

    What a great job!


  2. Celeste, very impressive summary of your experience with the flipped classroom. I appreciate your wisdom on the divide and conquer approach and I hope to be able to gain greater confidence in the use of technology in the classroom. Thank you for sharing so eloquently! Domenica

  3. This is a very thoughtful culminating of your work throughout the year. What I mean by ‘work’ is your thoughtful practice, approach and reflection throughout the year. I really hope that your admin and parents get to see this – it’s a great reflection of your own mindfulness that you posses in your approach to teaching.

    I really think it’s important that you emphasize asking for feedback yourself, and from your students too.

    Thanks for posting this, and taking these risks, and being open to sharing them!


  4. Great work. I really enjoyed how concise and articulate your presentation is. I also really love the theme from Beginners, great background music choice.

  5. Celeste!

    This is a fantastic video — looking today at possible action plans, and it gives a clear picture of what is required and potential obstacles.

    I love your thoughts on student feedback, and I’m hoping to use some of your ideas in my plan.

    I’m thinking of exploring methods for engaging students in activities that they would typically see as passive consumption (e.g. watching videos, reading an article). You’ve got some great ideas for how to follow through once I start to implement some strategies!!!

    Thanks for your thoughts!

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