What are my immediate next steps (who do I network with? what do I read/watch?)

1) Connect with others who are using the flipped classroom approach and ask them 10, 000 questions (by February 3rd). 
2) Gain a better understanding of the interconnectivity between differentiated, individualized, and personalized learning and how this can relate to using a flipped classroom (by February 10th).
3) Create 3 more online videos for my students to use in their writing development (by February 17th)

When will I publish next? (what is my classroom schedule? when do I want feedback?)

I want to publish my next post by February 3rd and create a weekly blog schedule to update my progress in real time. 
I constantly want feedback. I am a monster hungry for feedback all the time.

How will I present my findings/exploration? (movie, powerpoint, blog, etc…)

In the spirit of a flipped classroom, I will create a movie to document my findings for the community outside of my classroom and a documentation poster / installation inside my school community for my fellow teachers. 


1 thought on “My next steps

  1. With so many years of experience in the education field, I am afraid to say that I have witnessed the pendulum nature of education first-hand. Years ago we moved from the one teacher/one classroom model to the open concept plan with several teachers and classes sharing the same space. Rather than tweak this model and take what was best from it, the institution reverted right back to the stand-and-deliver model we still unfortunately see today. Why can’t the educational community stop the swing somewhere in the middle? So, you are right to find the pendulum swing a bit disconcerting. Teachers need to be more than “learning managers”; they have the expertise and knowledge to facilitate the very best of flipped/blended/personalized /balanced learning models.

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