About Me

I am a Math and Biology teacher, certified to teach Grades 4 to 12. Currently I am teaching Math at The Bishop Strachan School in Toronto, working a wonderful group of Grade 8 girls. I have also taught overseas in Jakarta, Indonesia as well as on board a tall ship with the Class Afloat School. All of these experiences have shown me that my teaching needs to flexible, reflective of my students and most importantly, reflective of who I am and my experiences.

My passion is differentiation in my instruction and assessment, providing students with choices in their learning. I want my students to challenge themselves and learn how to work through obstacles in their academics, knowing that they will be supported. By doing this, I feel that students will be able to experience the joy of learning, constantly pushing themselves to improve and open their eyes to new ideas and opportunities.

I look forward to hearing ideas, critiques and being apart of conversations to help me improve my practice and the experiences of my students.

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  1. It was great meeting you today. Now I have to figure out how you managed to get the “About Me” link in your menu. 🙂

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