The Fakebook – Social Media for the classroom

I don’t know if other teachers are the same, but I find myself creating mini-lessons and projects based on found resources for courses that I don’t teach. I’ll come across resources for a history lesson and start to develop a project for the subject I don’t teach. I feel that others can agree that you can think bigger and more creatively with something that you aren’t actually going to do than with your own subject.  To have an outlet for these inspirations  I plan to share them here on my blog. Please take what you want and share your experiences. So now on to the resource:

Fakebook: A template to create fake profiles for any topic

I was first introduced to using fakebook as a tool in the classroom a few years ago by reading Richard Bryne’s Free Technology for Teachers Website. The purpose of Fakebook is to allow the students to create their own personal Facebook profile page for an unknown character.

How is could be used:

In any class, Social Studies, English, Science etc. students can be given an individual or thing and create a page on it. This page would need them to explore that individual or things importance, characteristics and relationships with others. It could be done individually or in groups. If in a group of 4, each person would be in charge of a certain element in the periodic table. Between the 4 people they would be in charge of making a page for their own but also to post comments onto the others pages. This could be reflective of the type of interaction those two elements could have. For example, Lithium and Florine could have a great relationship since they “bond well” while Helium is all alone and acts very ‘noble’.  The same idea of interaction could be done with historical characters, characters of a novel or mathematical operations (+, -, x, /).

There is a gallery of examples that you can see and gets ideas from and also a short 90 second video to see how the Fakebook works.



Fakebook: 90 second tutorial from History Teacher on Vimeo.

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