This Year’s Journey

While this year my action plan moved around a few times, it came to rest in my favorite teaching place: helping students find joy and beauty in Mathematics. Here is my summary of this year, although I have to be honest and admit that this particular goal is a long-term one. It will probably be the focus of my own PD for many years to come!

C21 Action Plan Journey

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  1. Ruth, I love the sketch note here. I can see that this journey is one of movement and growth for both you and your students. Can you give us a concrete example of, or student feedback on, one or two of the approaches you’ve tried? What was successful, what wasn’t?
    Looking forward to it,

    • Of course! Check out my previous post which included tons of feedback on activities, even my reflections on the students’ comments.

      The actual activities ranged from the kinesthetic to the theoretical, mostly designed to push students outside their comfort rut of note-copying.

      More importantly, the collaborative planning and idea generating was key to shifting our collective practice in the department. This was super exciting!

  2. I love your sketch! Ruth you’ve been an inspiration and a topic of conversation around the LCS community! We’re always saying how incredible you are and we marvel at the things you’re doing in your math courses.

    So glad to have gotten to know you better this year and it was great to have a blogging buddy who kept me motivated and accountable to blog. You’re the bomb!

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