Buzzing with Excitement

I wish that each of you could feel the vibe in the room today. Our grade 12’s are showing around students, parents are on campus and registration is happening as I write. There are welcome squeeeeeeles, delight and happiness along with the sound of families catching up, advisors talking to their students, and friends who have not seen each other all summer.

This year promises to be an exciting one filled with growth, both personally and professionally. I am so excited to start on my #cohort21 journey this fall as I know just how much the program gave me last year in time to reflect, permission to try new things and the grace with which to fail and try again knowing more.

I hope that those of you who are nervous embrace that feeling and use it to energize your own personal learning. Not everything will be perfect, in fact, most of it will be messy, but in the end, the learning for both you and your students will be beyond what you thought possible as you sit reading these words.

I am excited to meet each of you on this journey and hear about your ideas. I want to borrow your knowledge to expand my own understanding of teaching and I’m excited to be participating in #cohort21.

Mary-Ellen Wilcox