What would you wish?

If I had some wishes I could grant to each student leaving grade 8, I would want my students to leave middle school being confident that they are able to learn, it might look different from someone else, but they can learn. I want them to leave being an advocate for themselves. I want them to trust that their ideas have value and should be shared with others, that their contributions to our class, and society at large, make a difference. I want my students to believe they have a right to take up space, to question in a respectful way and to be confident in knowing that they are able to change their minds as they learn and grow. I want my students to respect differences in opinions, ideas and cultures and be open to learning why someone might do something differently. I want my students to spread kindness.  It would be nice if they remembered a thing or two about rearranging algebraic formulae too.

What would you wish for your students?

2 thoughts on “What would you wish?

  1. @mwilcox,

    This sounds more like the wish of adults than a wish for students. It is the adults who must change their attitude towards adolescents, to see them on a spectrum of development that deserves as much dignity as early years, despite some glaring differences.

    My wish is for adults. I wish they would truly see adolescents and then reimagine their practice accordingly.


  2. I think many teachers, even of older students, would want these same things too, Mary! For high schoolers, I want them to not be so quick to politicize themselves in a media-driven world that sometimes aims for division. I want them to know that, actually, it’s ok to not have a strong opinion on something. I want them to be able to focus on what connects us as people, rather than what can drive us apart. And, of course, I’d like them to remember something about the writing process in English!

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