A little video recap to kick off the celebration

It’s time to celebrate! It’s time to look at our own learning, look at our own growth and look at how this has positively impacted our students and possibly even other teachers in our buildings. It’s time to recognize the impact a year can have when we decide we want to make a change. It’s time to pat ourselves on the back, and it’s time to start reflecting on where this growth will lead us to next year. Some of us may choose to continue on the same path as we still have work to do with our HMW questions. Some of us may choose to tackle a question that came up this year, during our work with our 2018 HMW question. The best part – all of this celebrating is just the start of something great and you get to choose just how great it is going to be for HMW 2019.

I won’t be able to attend #cohort21’s final F2F as I am only a part-time attendee. That being said, I’ve created a video for you all so that you can see the journey we went on this year over in NB. The best part, for sure, is the student survey at the end of the video. Numbers don’t lie, and with numbers like these, I can’t wait to see where we go next with peer-to-peer feedback and resiliency. For those of you who want to see the feedback from our third lab a bit closer, I’ve posted the two photos below as they are either too blurry to read, or too far away to read in the video. I opted for too far away so you don’t think there is something wrong with your eyes.

The video link can be found by clicking these blue words.