I’m Starting My Vlog.

Ok, I’m finally doing it. I’m starting my vlog.


When I started Cohort 21 this year, my action plan was to answer the question “How might I share my learning experience on my Future Design School adventure?”

I decided that I would start a vlog. A vlog (video log) has become a popular medium amongst the kids these days, with one of my personal life heroes, Casey Neistat, leading the charge.

I’ve procrastinated a long time, and I’ve missed the opportunity to share with you my experiences on the road…find out why in the first episode of the vlog:

While I don’t imagine that I will have 7 million followers like Casey anytime soon, I do hope that a few people might watch my little shorts. I also think I will enjoy the creative aspect of creating each episode.

The plan is to feature friends, colleagues and inspiring people that I meet on my travels. Special shout out to @ddoucet @timrollwagen @brenthurley @edaigle @jbornstein for the fantastic conversation a couple weeks ago that make me finally take the leap.

More to come soon!

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9 comments to “I’m Starting My Vlog.”
  1. LOVE IT. I love the first version of anything, simply because it exists! So congrats, Les. Can’t wait to see what comes next!

    Looking forward to your next dispatch, from London!

  2. Let me be the first in this sacred comment space to share future design well wishes as you digitally traverse the school called life!

  3. SO AMAZING, @lmcbeth! Not amazing that you won’t be at the final F2F but so good for you for confronting your fear. We’ll miss you on Friday but I look forward to following what you’re up to through your vlog!

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