Vlog #003: Experiential Learning

This is a long over due post, but episode #003 from my very sporadic attempt at vlogging is finally live! How long overdue? This episode harkens back to a time when there were leaves on the trees and sun in the sky. When I still had long hair and Derek Doucet was not yet a Google Innovator putting his dream of Au Pair Bear into action.

What’s Au Pair Bear, you ask? Watch and find out!

Thanks to Derek (@ddoucet), Mike Arsenault (@marsenault), Tim Rollwagen (@timrollwagen), and the rest of the crew up at Lakefield for making my time at LCS so experiential! 

Who would like to be a guest on the #RenegadeOptimist vlog next? Hey @edaigle perhaps we should an episode on Discovery Days!


6 comments to “Vlog #003: Experiential Learning”
  1. @lmcbeth,
    I would love for the Renegade Optimist to feature Discovery Days in an upcoming episode. Rosseau Lake College can for sure use both your “renegade” and “optimistic” spirits to help warm us up in the near north!

  2. Great storytelling, Les and Derek.

    Way to build a provocative idea about language learning into an enjoyable pilot for your new Outdoor Living Channel show! #alwaysgetpurchase

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