The End or the Beginning?

Less than 2 weeks ago I ran my first 5k race in 2 years. Since it was a little bit of work to reach this goal, it felt like an ending.

I have noticed that when I reach running goals, unless I set new ones right away it is very easy to celebrate success and then stop running for a long time.

With Season 6 of Cohort21 coming to an end, it is time to celebrate achievements!

It is also time to look ahead and set new goal to keep the momentum going.

In my first post for Cohort21 this year, I talked about how I benefit from communities and deadlines. Perhaps my new goal should be to blog more regularly and keep connecting with the fabulous Cohort21 community!

One comment to “The End or the Beginning?”
  1. Hi Lara,

    Thanks for that great F2F, and for sharing your journey too! I love this approach to introducing your path: feedback, trying something new, and iteration!

    Good luck – and keep running 🙂

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