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I am currently a Technology Integrator for students in Kindergarten to grade 5. That means that I teach classes where we utilize students’ iPads and laptops to gain a deeper understanding of concepts and issues they are exploring in other classes. This means that we might use it as a tool for creativity by making movies, animations, podcasts, musical compositions, etc. Or we might amplify our ideas by sharing them with one another or the world via Google docs, online tools like Padlet or Seesaw or presenting them to the school. We use our devices to conduct research and take part in simulations. More and more, we are learning to control other tools and devices through coding and electronics.

When I am not working with students, I am working to support other adults. This might mean that I am looking for new technologies to help achieve their goals, figuring out how students can access tools, supporting the teaching of new technologies or even just sharing new software, platforms or teaching ideas. In addition, I provide information to parents about managing technology at home.

I have always felt that the most important part of the learning process is stepping back and reflecting on what can be learned after an experience. In class we document our learning process with images, videos, text and audio and regularly share that with our Learning Community. This blog may only be ramblings that help me organize my own thoughts but, with any luck, maybe you can get something from them too!


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