A Team Approach vs. Collegial Silos


Silos Collaborating. Gaping Void Art. CC license: BY-NC-ND 3.0

At the last Face-to-Face gathering I confirmed that my 2018-19 Cohort21 How Might We question would centre on teacher collaboration. As part of the Cohort21 Protocol entitled Crowdsourced Inspiration I gathered some ideas I might want to explore:

I then fleshed out some specific actions:

Unfortunately, school then got very busy and I didn’t try any of these actions…

When we were recently asked to post our How Might We questions in preparation for the third Face-to-Face meeting, I realized that I needed to delve a bit more into “the why” behind collaboration. The latest iteration of my HMW question is:

I am looking forward to connecting with everyone and digging deeper on January 18!


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