Class Dojo

If you are working with a Smartboard in the class and you want your students to work on self monitoring their learning skills ( organization, initiative, time management etc…), then Class Dojo is an excellent place to go to.

They way it works is that as students monitor their own learning by completing tasks and adding points to their character on the smartboard when they are completed.

At first this activity works best as a teacher centred activity.

Teacher:  “Johnny, go give yourself a time management point.”

 Johnny proceeds to go up to the Smartboard.

As the class gets used to this. It can become more student directed.

Teaacher: “If you use your success criteria to organize the Medieval Studies topical map correctly,  go up to the DOJO and give your self a time management point upon completion.”

Come report card time this can be a valuable resource.

I would like to share a link about this, but I do not have all the permissions I need yet. Stay tuned.


Sometimes I sits and I thinks.

Sometimes I just sits.


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When Staring at a Screen

Something that works for me when staring at a screen is to place non-computer based tasks/work you have to complete so you don’t have to just sit, stare, and pray to the digi-gods.


Sometimes I sits and I thinks. Sometimes I just sits.–Satchel Page





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Hello world!

Welcome to Cohort 21 The Cohort 21 Network. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Cohort 21 is a unique professional development opportunity open to teachers and school leaders who are seeking to build a learning network amongst CIS Ontario member schools. The Cohort 21 community will be built on a foundation of collaboration and innovation and together, will investigate and refine 21st century teaching and learning best practices through the rich experience of “learning by doing”.

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