Why Courage?

On the first day of my Bachelor of Education Program, Dr. Deborah Berrill walked onto the stage of the Wenjack Theatre at Trent University to welcome us all into a very special world. The time period was ‘way-back-when’, so as clearly as that moment continues to resonate, I am at best paraphrasing her words. I […]

My Daughter Loves Puzzles

My daughter loves puzzles. Of all her wonderful interests at the core of her beautiful spirit, this endless pursuit of the classic jigsaw puzzle pleases her doting father to no end. Witnessing her deep immersion in the seemingly unforgiving challenge of compiling 1000 tiny pieces into an otherwise forgettable monochromatic landscape brings unparalleled peace to […]

Time for Time!

I’m reading my most recent post (from nearly a year ago! ugh), and my determination to honour time. This is an outcome of loss and tragedy: a pronounced need to slow down, to treasure each moment and remain connected to what matters most. There is a tension – a well documented, ancient tension – within […]

A Few Thoughts on Policy: Proceed With Caution

First, a few thoughts balance: In a community, such as say a teaching faculty, it’s important. It’s not a directive, it’s a choice. It’s achieved through active, ongoing engagement. It is personalized. It is not provided, it is sought.  It is maintained through shared experiences and ongoing discussion, listening, respect, open-mindedness, thoughtful contribution. The very […]

A Few Thoughts on Moonshots

It really is a test. Am I ready/willing to take a moonshot of my own? Where do my beliefs truly lay? How far am I willing to go? IT was even theatrical. I was at the absolute height of my enthusiasm, channelling a famous American, pleading for the essential role of “dreaming and imagination” at the […]