Show up to go up!

This is a cliche, I know. However, it’s kind of true. No matter how much you have done at this point, you, Season 7 Cohort21ees, are going to show up today in less than 2 hrs. The time is now! Speaking of time… and often I do… I read a really timely and personally motivating blog entry through Twitter this… Read more →

Episode 3.1 – The SHORT of the long of it!

Image courtesy of Emerge Positive Taking a webpage out of Seth Godin’s blog, I have decided that this is going to be a SHORT post (because the last post just might have been way too long…) #failfastrecoverfaster;result=growth with hopefully a decently long reach… (Link above is to one Leigh Epsy’s posts on her site Project Bliss called “Embrace Failure on the Path to Growth”… Read more →

Blog 3.0 – Episode 1: Channelling our Inner Teacher Champion

ATTENTION: Please note that this blog post was started a week ago… I have had many learning moments over the past week while getting back into blogging, and I have greatly enjoyed the hours I have spent contemplating, researching and generally (or in some cases, specifically) reflecting upon what it means to be a ‘teacher’, where I hope we look to… Read more →

Movie-ing Forward: Ready… Symbaloo… Action!

It’s the final countdown… One of the tools I’ve latched onto and used with students this year is Symbaloo. I am really enjoying this tool and it’s applications. While my action plan itself is not centered around webmixes as such, I have introduced it to my colleagues as a part of the package I think might help advance growth mindset… Read more →

Twitter to Tweetdeck to Growth Mindset: Moving my Action Plan Forward

The end of my second set of Twitter workshops signified another shift in my action plan. This most recent series of workshops focused on advancing the power and usefulness of Twitter via Tweetdeck. I found my attendees were very excited about the layout and the opportunity to customize columns.   And while I still have some follow-up one-on-one sessions to… Read more →