Movie-ing Forward: Ready… Symbaloo… Action!

It’s the final countdown…


One of the tools I’ve latched onto and used with students this year is Symbaloo. I am really enjoying this tool and it’s applications. While my action plan itself is not centered around webmixes as such, I have introduced it to my colleagues as a part of the package I think might help advance growth mindset and 21st century learning/facilitating skills. Right now I am not harnessing it fully, but I am already planning on having it embedded in my curriculum next year (and hopefully on actual sites). I am also helping our BTT teacher to use it and have students embed webmixes in their made-from-scratch html websites/pages next year. Students really enjoy customizing their research and in my Gr. 11 Tech Design class a student has found a series of excellent ‘how-to’ videos for 3D drawing/modelling in AutoCAD… something I am excited to learn from!


So although I am still in a discovery phase with Symbaloo, I think I need to just bite the bullet and use a webmix for my action plan presentation. The idea came to me a while ago after I used it as a preamble to my staff meeting twitter activity, but for some reason I have been a bit hesitant. Mostly because it requires ripping off the aforementioned band-aid (see my previous post) and diving in, but also because I am always questioning myself for what the best method of presentation is. Hopefully this will give me the flexibility I crave, with an interactive format that is easy to navigate.

Thanks to the Google Hangout crew from this evening, and @jmedved – get ready, as I am most certain I will have tech questions about this one… 😉

This should be a link to the webmix:

And this should be the actual embedded webmix (crossing my fingers this works!):

Ta-da! (Maybe not… just previewed and I don’t think the embed-code worked… I will fix it aka talk to Justin… and update it again soon!)

Late Thurs. Apr. 23: I have further updated the webmix, although the link should still work above even if the embed code is a bit tempermental, and I am just trying to upload my video. I will see if I can do that here if no where else as I have already linked back to this post… and I am not able to because it is too large! Ok… take two…

Ok so I think I have it figured out… but just in case here is the link to my google slide deck as well. 🙂


Hope it works!

3 thoughts on “Movie-ing Forward: Ready… Symbaloo… Action!

  1. I wasn’t familiar with Symbaloo prior to reading your blog post! I’m definitely interested. I’ve checked out your link, and it looks great …I can imagine there are a variety of awesome applications in the classroom! I’m looking forward to talking more with you about this in person! Thanks for sharing : )

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