Final Reflections on Supersized PD – a Pecha Kucha Presentation

Final reflections in the form of a Pecha Kucha – 20 slides & 20 seconds per slide. Effective and efficient – what do you want to share? It isn’t lost on me that I am over the time allotment…

Action plan recap, reflections and next steps…


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  1. Double D!
    My brother from another l’ecole! Miss you buddy, but with the wonders of Pecha Kucha you were right here with me!!! Have really appreciated the insights your blog brings from afar, and am especially appreciative of the findings your video here contains. Really good food for thought!

    Congrats on the success you have had so far at LCS this year. Back at GCS Les has made some amazing forays into helping us along with various tools – especially DocAppender, as well as the broader DT framework. So cool! I think your take aways about being patient and meeting people at their level of readiness are so important, regardless of whether we’re talking about tech or not, but especially with tech. I’ve really appreciated the sharing that goes on at our school with different tech tools, and I would like to see more of it akin to what you’re up to at LCS. Les has been amazing at sharing docAppender with us; it takes time, a few kicks at the can, and – as the SAMR and other models teach us – a worthwhile reason to leverage this tech. Isn’t it interesting that sometimes the most useful pieces of tech are those that are more challenging. But this is okay if we can see the reasons to leverage tech. Again, docappender comes to mind not just because it can get a bit sticky, but because it can be used in so many amazing ways – the limit seems only to be how far the teacher can imagine its use! Anyhow, your findings are a useful reminder in how to approach all of this as we begin to reimagine PD at our school, and abroad.

    All that to say thanks from afar. I appreciate the effort you’re making because – selfishly – it’s helping us all to get better!

    Be well and please pass along a big high to the fam 🙂

  2. You’ve been an amazing mentor this year, Derek. And listening to your Action Project, it is clear to me why you are so suited to this role. You definitely met me where I was, and suggested tools that I could use immediately and manage. I will probably go back and listen several times to you project, as you provide a fantastic framework and lots of ideas for bringing ed-tech to our colleagues. I think that part of the challenge is, as you have pointed out, is timel. People tend to find time for things that matter and interest them, so the lighting the fire analogy is right on. You’ve been hugely instrumental in moving me from learning and using technology on a “need to know” basis, to being curious as to what else is out there. If we could borrow you for a week at HSC, I have no doubt you could realize the same transformation among my colleagues, but since that’s not so practical, I will try to use some of your suggestions and ideas to carry the the torch of ed-tech integration in our school. Keep us all posted on your progress, and you can expect that I will probably be shouting out an “au secours” from time to time.
    A bientôt,

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