70. Teacher learning that is actually useful

What happens when educators are given the time and support to address complex dilemmas in their practice? 

Today on the show we have a panel discussion celebrating 10 years of Cohort 21.

A huge thank you to Garth Nichols, Justin Medved, Ashley Domina, Ashley Bailey Davis. Laura Mustard, Melissa Jolicoeur, and Derek Doucet for being part of this conversation today.

If you want to continue the conversation, come find me on Instagram or find Cohort 21 by either going to cohort21.com or find them on their Instagram page–I love it when folks who are listening to the show tag me and who I’m talking to on the socials and share their takeaways, feedback, and insights. It’s how we build community, how we learn socially, and how we make each other better! 

That’s all the time we have for today folks, keep trying to answer those big, complex questions and remember we are teaching tomorrow.

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