71. The joys of being a B-minus teacher with Patti Firth

Why should we fully embrace the joys of being a B-minus teacher? Today on the show I speak with the awesome Patti Firth, founder, CEO, and owner of Madly Learning. 

I found my new friend Patti Firth like I meet pretty much any new human in my life: through the wonderful world of teachergram. Patti started out as a leading Canadian voice in the world of of inquiry education blogging, but has expanded to hosting a podcast, creating both beautiful and effective curriculum resources for teachers, sharing strategies through her YouTube channel, and she does this all while teaching a ⅘ split class here in Southern Ontario.

In this conversation, we cover a lot of ground. We talk how Patti turned her passion supporting teachers into what Madly Learning is today, how she embraces not even being a B-minus teacher, but often a C+ teacher, and we also get into some real talk about what teachers should consider before putting themselves “out there” in the world of teachergram. Stick around until the end to hear Patti’s take on why we should stop teaching writing in discrete units! 

Patti is a deeply relatable, relevant, and important voice in the world of Canadian education, so let’s get right into it. Click on the Soundcloud link to listen to my conversation with Patti Firth.

Things Mentioned in this Show:

Madly Learning website 

Teaching with Madly Learning podcast

Madly Learning YouTube channel

Madly Learning on Instagram

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