69. When teachers identify as writers with Jen Laffin

How might we improve the teaching of writing by identifying as writers ourselves? Today on the show I speak with Jen Laffin, founder of Teach Write. 

If there is one thing that I know to be true, it is that identifying as a writer has profoundly shaped how I teach writing. I love writing, I embrace the struggle, and I have always shared that process with my classes. But stepping out of the classroom this year and looking more broadly at writing instruction through this PhD research is showing me that this “teacher as writer” stance is not commonly held. 

It is no great wonder that the Instagram algorithm led me to find Jen Laffin and Teach Write. Jen was a classroom teacher for 9 years and transitioned into mentoring teachers and designing workshops to help teachers create powerful writing practices for young people. 

This conversation is essentially two writing nerds geeking out together about something they both love. I didn’t know Jen before this interview, but as we chatted and laughed and shared stories, I felt like Jen was a long time friend, teacher buddy, and someone that I just wanted to hang out with and write with. I’m pretty confident that after listening along, you will feel the same way. And don’t worry, at the end of the convo, Jen share some ways that you can indeed just hang out and write more with her. 

Enough from me, let’s get into it with Jen Laffin. Click on the SoundCloud link to listen to the full episode:

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