Month: April 2013

My (flipped) learning

After learning and experimenting with flipped instruction over the last few months, these are some of my preliminary conclusions, advice, and thoughts about this instructional approach, as told through a Prezi at my classroom desk.




Oh the connections…

One of the happy surprises from embarking on this research has been how my colleagues have started to reach out and share resources that relate to flipped instruction. One of my fellow teachers sent this article on to me and it has potentially sparked something magical!

teaching now

Another project for me this year has been launching a literacy professional learning committee at school. It’s a slow, grassroots effort, but something is blossoming nonetheless. When considering how to share the best practices and incredible writing instruction already occurring in our Junior School, a lightbulb went off: we can flip that instruction too! One of the most certain universal truths about being a teacher is that we are busy! Our PD meetings through the year are almost entirely booked up by August and it’s hard for some teachers to take time away from their families to attend PD workshops. So, our literacy PLC is considering how we could share findings about effective writing instruction through a flipped instruction approach.

I’m not sure whether the clips will be ready by the end of the April (perhaps closer to June for the start of the 2013-2014 school year), but it’s an exciting addendum to this year-long adventure in flipped instruction.

The learning never really ends!