Wherein I Stop Just Starting to Start

Have you ever been so excited about something that you didn’t start to work on it because you were waiting for just the right moment to devote some focused time to it?

I thoroughly enjoyed the second Face to Face meeting for Cohort21 but have been waiting for the perfect moment to set aside some time to really reflect and focus on it. Apparently, that’s harder to do than I thought!


No perfect moment has arrived (surprise, surprise) but that is one of the things I love about having a cohort and scheduled meetings: there are some deadlines to at least do some thinking!

It looks like this weekend will finally involve some time for reflection and planning before next week’s scheduled Cohort time to move a bit further forward with my planning.

2 comments to “Wherein I Stop Just Starting to Start”
  1. I agree with you Lara. I have my action plan posted on a wall in my class and my twitter feed is open most of the time on my computer, it’s always there and I look at it everyday but at the same time didn’t want to start working. It’s like a when you open a bar of chocolate and you eat it slowly because you are afraid you are going to finish it. This weekend I might finish it :). See you on Friday

  2. @ljensen Blog is back up! Thanks for the alert.

    Great post to remind the entire cohort that we are all human and as CIS Ontario teachers we already have busy jobs. Adding a C21 Action Plan to the mix is no small feat. The third face to face will hopefully accelerate that process and be the jump start you were looking for 🙂

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