Book Review: “Potlach as Pedagogy” (Sara Florence Davidson & Robert Davidson)

“Potlatch as Pedagogy” was recommended to me by Mike Carlson, a teacher at Wandering Spirits school (TDSB) and an Indigenous educational consultant. This book strongly resonates with “The Nordic Secret” and “Ecological Learning“, in that the approaches are student-centred, holistic and reciprocal. What I really enjoyed about this book was the 9 Principles of “Sk’ad’a”, […]

Book Review: “The Yes Brain” (Seigel & Bryson)

This book has strong resonance with “Reframed” by Stuart Shanker (Which I reviewed HERE), but it is written with families in mind. In “Reframed” the big takeaway is “See a child differently and you see a different child.” In “The Yes Brain” they write: When we see our children’s behaviour as communication that’s letting us know […]

A Time to Reflect

Having just read @jgravel‘s post on integrating reflection into her practice, I’ve been inspired to examine my own use of reflection in my sphere of influence. One area that I am responsible for is experiential learning. One of the key parts of really good experiential learning is the reflecting on experiences. This is captured in […]