A Podcast Worth Listening To… #MakeEdChange

Yong Zhao is the author of, amongst books "World Class Learners".

Yong Zhao is the author of, amongst books “World Class Learners”.

Building on my review of #EdJourney, I sourced this podcast from TeachThought. It is an interview with reknowned author Yong Zhao, who talks about the future of education, and – more importantly – HOW to get there.
It’s a 40mins podcast – perfect for driving in traffic! – so here is a quick run-down of the questions being tackled:
2mins: What is the defecit driven approach to education and what is problematic with it?
4.20: What is the purpose of school?
6.50: WHat is your ideal school?
10.25: How to overcome a defecit mindset in educators
12.30: How will and when will we know this new approach know it is succeeding?
13.50: What is “authenticity” in education?
17.30: How to we prepare students for this new type of school?
20.00: Discussion on the role of Inquiry in the classroom
22.30: Where did he get the inspiration for his book “Top 5 EdTech Errors”?
26.00: ESSA in the US
31.00:What will Education look like in 10 years?
31.50: How will and should PD change for educators?
34.00: Charter Schools
Through this podcast, Yong Zhao addresses the new purpose of schools to be creating opportunities and support for students in a their diverse and varied understandings and pathways and definitions of success. Educators must learn to be attuned to working with the students to discover, create and support these opportunities as much as possible.
Bravery, he says, is a key attribute in this new paradigm of education, and so too is being fluent in the language of inquiry – asking good questions, and developing this capacity in students.
Here are the additional resources that are mentioned in the PodCast too!

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  1. I was fortunate to attend one of Mr. Zhao’s sessions in Boston at a Brain Science conference. He was incredibly engaging and informative about new understandings of neuroscience in relation to learning and instructional practices.

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