Hope vs. Optimism

What will 2021 look like? How might we embrace 2021 with hope so that we can thrive in the new year as educators? This is a question that I’ve been asking myself for quite some time now. My big project has been focusing on Digital Transformation and making it as human as possible. To do […]

3 Resources I’ve Loved this Week…

As school’s wrap up the student experiences of their Remote Learning Plans, there is much to reflect upon. How have students survived, thrived or not? How have students learned more about themselves as learners, and how do we know? The same can be asked of our organizations. This week, during the CIS Ontario Remote Learning […]

Book Review: Dare to Lead

 “What skills will be needed in the future?” “What does it mean to be future ready?” As educators we ask, or are asked these questions often – what is your answer? I think that the body of work that Brene Brown has amassed over her years of researching vulnerability, has the most compelling answer. On […]

Book Review: Co-Active Leadership

Have you ever been preparing for a meeting, be it with colleagues or students where you think “I need a different approach” or “How do I best work with this person to move forward in a generative way?”. This is a book for those looking to adopt a framework that moves beyond one-dimensional approaches to […]

I SEEN, I SAW, I Wondered…

I have just returned from a great conference of educators held in beautiful Victoria BC, hosted by St. Michael’s University School. ISEEN is the Independent Schools Experiential Educator’s Network. Founded 13 years ago with about 10 people, it has grown substantially – there were over 150 participants this past week! I state that if only […]