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My Action Plan: Initial thoughts – let’s sort this schedule out!

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I knew I wanted my Cohort 21 action plan to focus on something to do with planning and organization, perhaps looking at paper vs online planning (I am a paper planner, but do see the huge benefits of an online calendar), or how students use paper vs online calendars (and why we as a school distribute paper agendas to our students in 2015). However, front of mind at the moment is the library schedule, and how we keep track of physical, human and technology resources.

Here in the Lassonde Library, we need to track the following:

  • two teaching spaces in the library
  • two seminar rooms (one of which has a regularly scheduled class in)
  • two librarians
  • 40 chromebooks
  • 30 ipads

This is what the library schedule looks like for this week:

Week of November 23-27, 2016

Week of November 23-27, 2016

There’s lots to juggle, plus some things we need to schedule are dependent on others. For example, if I teach a grade 10 class, I only need a few chromebooks for my class, because most grade 10s bring their own devices (we have an open and flexible BYOD program). However, if grade 6 are coming in, I need a full class set of chromebooks for them to use. Additionally, demand for technology means our chromebooks are often booked for use outside the library.

But I *love* my paper calendar. I’ve used a paper booking schedule for every one of my thirteen years at SCS. Looking back through them is like looking at a professional archive. And the thing I love most about my paper calendar is the opportunity it brings for collaboration. Whenever a teacher wants to book library time, they head to the library, and we have a conversation about what resources they need, the direction of their assignment, and how we can best teach research and library skills to students through the project.

Many other facilities and services at SCS are booked through online calendars (and, in fact, our iPad booking and seminar room booking is online too). Is it time to digitize the library booking system, and potentially lose the collaboration piece? Do we need a new kind of solution altogether?

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November 27th, 2015 at 3:11 pm

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Listen, talk, think, reflect, repeat

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To say that my brain hurt after this Saturday’s Face 2 Face session at The York School is probably something of an understatement. I am still processing, pondering and reflecting on everything I learned, heard and experienced. I spoke to so many people, yet also managed to find some quiet time to reflect and think. To achieve that in a single day’s PD session is quite unusual, and kudos to our C21 leaders for creating a learning environment in which that can happen!

We followed the Design Thinking process, as outlined by Design Thinking for Educators, from its beginning. From identifying a potential problem or issue, to brainstorming solutions, to sharing, listening and offering feedback, what started as an individual journey at the beginning of the day had turned into something of a group project by lunchtime, and then a very do-able target by the end of the day! The gallery walk-through of ideas was incredibly powerful; some of the problems other Cohort members wanted to investigate were things that had bothered me for years, and others I had never even considered before, but YES! OF COURSE! Seeing this gallery of incredible ideas, and listening to input from colleagues, I realised just how incredibly talented and diverse CIS faculty are, as well as how far teaching and learning has come since I started my job twelve years ago.

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I’ll save the specifics of my potential Action Plan for another post, but wanted to reflect on my thoughts on Design Thinking immediately. The Design Thinking process was incredibly useful and is definitely one I’d use in the future when pondering big projects. I tend to be a ‘come up with two potential solutions and choose one’ kind of person, whereas the potential of ‘Crazy Eights’ in Design Thinking is huge! So now, onto thinking about my action plan…



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November 23rd, 2015 at 5:58 pm