Too much CO2

Apr - 11 2019

I want my grade 5 science students to solve the world’s greatest problem. How might we invent a product using renewable energy sources to reduce our carbon foot print?   Research and Introduction Important environmental science topics will be learned through research and discussions in our grade 5 classroom. Ideally students will learn the answers  […]

The Power of Three

Nov - 12 2018

Power of Three Step 1: Now that November approaches and it is time for progress reports to be finalized I have had enough time to be able to know my students enough to reflect on their pressing needs.   Science Collaboration – students need to take advantage of the time they have together. Having one […]

Hello Cohort 21 !

Oct - 13 2018

Today is my first face 2 face session at cohort 21. I’m a teacher at Kingsway College School and teach grade 4 gym, grade 5 science and grade 6 math. So far I’ve made lots of great personal connections with several educators and am feeling really good about my decision to enrol in the cohort […]

Welcome to Cohort 21

Sep - 21 2018

Welcome to Cohort 21. This is the first post on your new blog. This journal is an integral part of your Cohort 21 experience. Here you will reflect, share and collaborate as you move through the C21 learning cycle towards your action plan. Cohort 21 is a unique professional development opportunity open to CIS Ontario […]